climbers white and delicate

flowery intrinsic

entwine me with beauty

seducing my stillness.


slender hands I raise and bend

along the tendril with gait

touch of whose thrills my sense

like the soft breeze in ardor…


intertwines the coloured climber

my body in numerous twirls

tresses flow shyly

in glamour…

as the flowers kiss the

white laced

the statuette of love stood

pure immaculate,flawless

spotless with fragrance new

the soul gets dipped in

the lake… reflecting the virtuous moon.


harboured  the loving climber

with a passionate hold

embraced,the heart sighs

in breath of interlaced love.




26 thoughts on “LOVELY CLIMBERS!

    1. Thanks for the concern. I came back only on friday. so taking time to settle down. Yes the book looks wonderful and Iam going through the proofcopy for the editing. It shall be done soon.

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