With my heartbeats , I can hear
The pulse of your vibration
In every breath that I take
is hidden
the thought
of your eternal emotion.


Whilst showered the clouds
A drizzle to wet myself all over
I awaited to be drenched
in your sinuous passion forever.


And as I utter these meaningless words
in the flowing stream
I realize I have infused you
In my reminiscences and my dreams!


O ! Dreams ! Listen to the music
the heart plays
in rhythm of graceful love
it dances and sways!


As the serene breeze
utters my name
I bloom in shyness..

while thy touch becomes
the harp to echo
the song of happiness!


34 thoughts on “DREAMS OF HAPPINESS!

    1. True Sir,sometimes the dreams are powerful enough to be in shape of reality,even though it depends on us whether we have the perseverance to do so! Thanks Sir for the compliment!

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