Solitude within!




Sighed the tiny pearl within the shell

“I sit here in solitude, my friend!”

Life moves incessantly

without any interference

As I listen to the beats of my heart in seclusion…


What a chaotic world it is!

Disaster of mishaps and happenings

Silence is the jewel,I adorn,

When throned in the oystered covering…


Blooming buds,flying birds

Clouds moving

Seasons churn

Quietly I sit and ponder


the various changes of the earth.


Of what I learnt while inside

When quietness prevails the soul

Solitude is the gem within

That needs to be furnished with passionate glow

To be the precious pearl divinely charming!



27 thoughts on “Solitude within!

    1. An absolute hit Rafi on the mark! You pointed iot accurately and exactly ,it takes decades to form such a pearl,which becomes such only with the time of solitude and tranquilness. Hope you are fine and updated many such gems on your site. Will be there soon as I return from the vacation!

  1. Manu Kurup

    Fine thoughts. Especially your comparison to the oyster shells… I happened to pick one two up in an obscure beach in West Bengal last week. 🙂
    Happy to see you back. Hope you had a fine vacation.

    1. Wow ! Manu thats nice,we all have fancied the shells since childhood and always love to pick whenevr we find some extraordinary ones. Thats some news that you were at WB.Hope all is well and great. I will be back around teh next week. Till then thanks for your wishes.

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