pitcher full of emotions,brimming 
overflowing into pastures
perched where the canaries 
nightingales ...
inundates the viridity 
as blooms of elegant lilies !

running as the relinquished stream
battling,wading through daffodils,
whirling up for a while
as the scrooched stem bends,
moistening the soil
of a heart glistened and alluvial!

ecstasy runs through the red veins
for the moment ephemeral
when the divine touch 
of His grace is realized and sensed.

the oceanic abyss, shines with pearls
drenching the withered soul 
in a blink,
the soul manifests the Real! 

20 thoughts on “DIVINE TOUCH!

  1. As for the poem,it bears the same talent and sensitivity im used to find here ,but in this one all elements of nature are present,,it’s alive ,it’s full of motions and emotions ;i loved some words,im going to steal them =)

  2. How u made beer subside as emotions and love flow to gain an edge over mundane things. You are Soumya and I really shouldn’t be surprise at the amazing poems that you churn out:)

    1. Well! Its all upto the mindset of the reader and everyone takes a different extract of the same poem. For some it is the pitcher of wine,for some pitcher of emotions,few think it to be the heart brimming with feelings,some a soul in blissful condition.
      Yet its good that you liked and enjoyed!

  3. Your words are a sweet perfume to my spirit! I am fighting to return, I have been a little bed ridden after the move, physically I am not completely there but I will try to reach out daily! I am renewed this day by what you share! Thanks for the blessing dear Soumyav, my sister! Hugs and blessings!

    1. You take care Wendell of your health and the new surroundings. Its absolutely fine,you can be at ease and go through later. Many thanks for your wishes and blessings.

  4. The divine touch has the ultimate beauty. That’s why it has a real connection with nature. And your poem has that interconnected beauty with your graceful approach. Our withered soul always demands that ecstasy of divine touch but our rational bodies hampering between the real and delusion.
    Nice poem!

    1. Yes Rafi,you precisely deciphered my words and the inner thought behind the lines. We indeed, are in the conflict internally,but when the divine touch is experienced by the soul, it has no expressions for the wondrous feeling and emotion.The outflow is so natural and exquisite,that no words can render the real expression.

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