coloured horizon above


The flickering flame of life

burns and remains ablaze

for the profound love discovered

in the last moments of death.


graciously felt ,the warmth

of the divine embrace,

the crimson soul dies

to rewrite the past tense.


in minutes it renders

noble actions,

creating characters ethereal to play,

hath it sketched the drawing before,

the whole life was there

for him to say!


the curtains fall

as the show concludes

a repentance curbs inside,

why doth I waste my life in such a way!


Posted on the Facebook page of “Suroor of the Soul”.Visit ,like and share the passion of the soul.

21 thoughts on “THE LAST SCENE

  1. Good — a good poem Soumya!
    When — the moment of revelation comes — we get immersed in wonder that — how we were in negligence till date — how we were!

    1. Absolutely right Rafi, you extracted the real essence of the words…
      And this was inspired by the comment on your blog!
      “Lekin apnay wajood k andar jhaanknay ka hunar (kalaa) haasil karnay main bhi ak umr guzar jaati hay!”

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