Swipe away the negations those which cloud the vision
blurring the image of the clarity
weakens the mind and shivers with fear
for a preconceived notion.
Beneath the mulberry leaves
rests a tiny butterfly
ready to fly for its survival
lone it needs strength in the wings,
which only your faith can reason.
In the buries of the earth
lies a seed tiny in stature,
on the verge of sprouting
to germinate  out in the air.
Molten wax drips along
the sides of a flickering candle,
awaiting for hands to protect it
from the storm of periods and seasons.
All in the mind we have in store,
the thoughts as a hidden treasure,
mightier than the visible actions,
Our powerful thoughts  in quantum measures.

Drawing Panel_1


35 thoughts on “MIGHTY THOUGHTS!

  1. “Swipe away the negations those which cloud the vision
    blurring the image of the clarity”
    This line of yours were the answer i was searching from many days…
    It happens frequently whenever i am searching answers i get it some or the other Way.
    Thanks for the wonderful lines

    1. So good to see you connecting with the lines Dewang. Yes ,whenever we are searching for an answer or getting confused,there is always a hint or sign which leads us to our solution. Only thing that is needed then is a silent mind,Iam glad you found it here in these lines.

    1. Yes Rekha! Its often said all in the mind, what we think becomes our action! better we always have a check and emanate good thoughts.

  2. Thought provoking !!!
    Yes indeed, negative motives weakens the mind and thoughts get sickness. Mind can fly hight n high with faith like your tinny butterfly beneath the “Shahtoot”! (This expression is so sweet!) The thought can tear open the earth and clashes with storms. Nice thoughts!

    1. Iam overwhelmed to read your thoughts about the poem Rafi. Very true that negativities weaken us,
      And the thought which is strong as faith can really erupt from the sealed earth. Thanks a lot for getting the essence out of it.

  3. What can I say? Am speechless – you know this. An ‘ashoka’ that infuses the heart. Loved it.

  4. Thoughts are mighty for sure!
    It can break you when everything else is just perfect!
    It does make us when all else has shattered!

    Great poem! 🙂

  5. I’ve swiped away very negation, let’s see if I survive…Every word of yours provokes a lot of thought, and your USP= that flow in ur verse beams out loud…………very well written Soumya!

    1. Iam so glad that you extracted the real meaning out of it. Iam sure,swiping away your negations would help you to find a way with clarity.
      Thanks a lot for being here.

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