For what you cry and what you wail!

the silken skin now scrapes,

excoriations wound you more

as the grime clings ,giving pain. 

Adhered to the cloth,

cleaning the dirt stricken spot

waste goes the life hence

 in rinsing the smudge off.


muck stains the bosom

what use is the clean linen

if soiled core is underneath…

What use the fabric satin!


washed with tears for ages

although wont clear the blot

A touch of pure divine essence

Only will distill the heart…

coloured with sprinkle of eternal hues,

a pristine perfumed  form appears

shredding the falsified distortions,

emerging with a conscience transparent and clear.

Love thy soul,thy spirit of endeavour,

forget the glossy cover,

dwells where the Universal creator,

in the realm of the heart ,  forever.