Silver shimmery bathed the earth
the full moon smiled
cascading luminous waves
with the advent of  night...

Riding on the chariot incandescent,
 embezzling arrives 
  the crescent enchant
in search of  the Goddess Nox
through the tresses  of dark,
runs he, fingers white and soft,
reaching dense forests
looking for his lady charm!

magically the spell begins
the blind breeze  gets entranced in love,
it blows everywhere
as the zephyr becomes redolent!

Gazes the moon at the resplendent beauty 
as a maddened lover in reverie,
brilliant aptness of amor stands,
as the Taj Mahal on Indian sands!

26 thoughts on “FULL MOON !

  1. you have to think of writing fairy tales as well , I’m sure you will excel at ,and your poem stands for you mastering that .It’s a bewitching poem i must say i wish it never ends ,i felt like i was reading a fairy tale =) I lOve it ,really I do =)

    1. Thts so sweet of you Sihem! And so much I missed your wonderful comments and words! about fairytales,I dnt know,never tried or thought . But its good to see you here after so long!

      1. I know =( and im really sorry for not visiting your place for so long ,my moments here are stolen moments from my hectic schedule im looking forward to vacation to be able to blog again i miss blogging so much i miss you talking about my poems too 🙂 just one week inshallah and i will be here again inshallah 🙂

  2. Ah! What a feeling to read you after such a long time, Soumya. Your mesmerizing words.. And a befitting photo.. Missed reading you.. 🙂

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