Hi everyone!

Iam really sorry I have been very busy lately with final editing of my 4th poetry book.

Yes! you heard it right! The 4th book of poetry is due and Iam working on the final stage of formatting.

It took a hell of time and I cannot spare a single moment to be here on my favourite place in the world of blogs.

So since the last week I haven’t been able to post regularly nor getting time to read my favourite writers or reply in time to my readers.Hope I get through all this stuff quickly and perfectly to present you with a beautiful gift in form of the book!

Now to unravel the mystery ,the next book is a journey of a soul in search of the ultimate happiness.

The title is “Suroor of the soul”(Intoxication of the soul)  and it is the journey of a soul on this earth in pursuit of happiness.

Hope you all bear with my irregular presence for few more days and I shall get regular soon ! Till then wish me good luck!

44 thoughts on “Sorry ,for being away !!!

  1. It was much worth your remaining away as this enables you to bring forth your “Suroor of the soul”. I wish your new book to be a thumping success.

  2. hi soumya! what a great thing to learn after being away from my blog for so long…really look forward to the intoxication…cheers 🙂

    1. Hi ! Raunak! its really good to see you after so long! Hope your work is going fine and ur enjoying the place too! And yes the book shall be out in print soon. 🙂

    1. Yes my dear ! its arabic,urdu,persian and used in many other languages! The title and book is inspired by a friend. She is too involvd in the project! By the way if you at anytime have free time to think and work,will u be interested in arabic translation ?

  3. Wow, your fourth book – good for you!!! That’s awesome! I’m finishing up the formatting of my first poetry book so we will have to keep each other posted on their releases 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Pratiksha! Sorry am not able to be on your blog since a while. Shall be back in the last week of Aug. Enjoy and keep writing.

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