My Muse

My guest post “MY MUSE” on the whitescape!

My Writing Workshop


Enwrapped with the delicate folds of love

Silken smooth, white and tender

Curled petals as twisted pearls

Treasures my muse as

 The essence of a fragrant rose!


Like a statuette of grace

Shimmering elegance

Cascading thoughts as

Tresses of her golden hair…


Exquisitely intrinsically

Embraced in my imagination

She is the muse

Of my rumination…


In darkness or smoky air

Castles I build huge, with flair

 With the glimpse of my muse

Who lends spark to my

Deathly tears!

Soumya, Sharjah, UAE

About her:Soumya Vilekar is a poet by passion, involved in the field of powder metallurgy and holds a joint patent in the same. She has to her name several anthologies of poems  which include a collection of love poems besides  the  inspirational and spiritual ones . Nature inspires her and she finds the essence of divine in everything around her.

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6 thoughts on “My Muse

    • soumyav June 10, 2013 / 10:08 pm

      Thanks a lot Christy!

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