Flows ceaselessly the ink of pain

in scribbles of verse

in lush colors

flies the varied etched designs

..with silver wings of imagination…

It has the redness of the blood

fragrance of the divine love

bleached sometimes

by the soured memoirs

pastels of the past fervor…

As petals velvety scattered

on the piece of life’s paper

 they form a wonderful mural

with a perfect combination!.

Confluence 1


25 thoughts on “MURAL OF LIFE

      1. Yes, The trip is going well; however this weekend I am a bit pressurized by workload… So probably the next weekend I would be able to travel a bit more and post more pics…

  1. I love the picture you paint that life’s pains create the beauty of who we are. Without the bumps in the road who would we be a blank canvas with monotonous tones and no texture. xoxoxo mary

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