missing the moments of the past ,
I hitherto sit and think for hours
the trembling river flowing away
sweet tulips swaying with the chase!

amidst the fields I stretch my arms,
running and fleeing from your mischievous art…
consort to my dreams of love
your eyes chasing me beyond the sun…

the touch of magical romance
when blossomed thou in my heart…
dawned the look seducing the charm,
kissed thy love! as the stars
sparkling in love floating afar…

beneath I sit , the bloomed flowers cry,
showering me with myriad satin lullaby…

sleep I under the warmth
caressed by the flowing breeze ,
awaiting thou Eros!
for the ultimate embracing!




23 thoughts on “Miss thou past !

  1. Beautiful poem that calms the nerve and brings warmth, peace to the mind.

    Re-visiting the past is a daunting task,
    We revel in memories of joy and happiness.
    The heart is confronted to different emotions, love, joy and sadness.
    As we shed a tear or two, times flies as we are brought to the present.
    Looking for joy in the actual statement of mind, we seek to live and enjoy every moment of life.
    Good Nite

    1. Thanks for your wonderfully comprehended thought ! The comment said everything that this piece wanted to share and reveal.We are always tied with the moments of our past,like tied to the past itself,which when remembered showers us with different emotions.

  2. This is so lovely and beautiful! In your every poem I sense your passionate love for the nature. You always take me to the scenic beauty of nature.

    1. Nature is the only thing around us which speaks and reveals to us the real mysteries and emotions without expectations. The real nature of human shall be attained when he is able to be perfect as nature. Thanks Rachna for sweet comment

  3. Refreshing.
    Looks like the words oozed out from your mind and fell into the right places. 🙂

  4. I couldn’t help but think of those who chase butterflies (love), and yet, when they are still, the butterfly (love) finds them……… Absolutely beautiful, Soumyav. ~ Ever, Bobbie

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