chants of love disguised

as notes of silent hum,

in the mulls of  sweetened

sip of amour!


piété of penchant

strengthens in the fibre of adoration

connaissance sings

the gusto tendance  !


enwrapped in soft drape

the impressions of blooming love

stamped, printed…


on the passionate embroider…


Piété-  devotion

Penchant- fondness

Connaissance- lore

gusto: enthusiasm

tendance : movement (as in wind)

13 thoughts on “PENCHANT

  1. The image alone leaves one hopeless and breathless together and yet combined with your words it is such a perfect delight! Your heart always shines Soumyav! Very beautifully done!

  2. JUST SO FANTASTIC, SOUMYA. I have shared it on my facebook. I made a reference of yours in my tomorrow’s post on your pointer to my harsh language repeating my thanks to you.

    1. Thanks a lot Sir and Iam humbled by your words of appreciation. Iam honoured yet again to be mentioned by you and by sharing my work.

      .P.S. I didn’t mention anything about the harsh language..IT was written by Malhotra Sir,I think!

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