Today I share few of thoughts I had posted as tweets :

  • Rhythm of life I dance along,with a music eternal ever playing, my voice renders the innocence, my steps the beauty of living!

  • Life can never stop for a while,we have to pause and look around … did we miss something profound!

  • Sediments of stones scatter as hath the ego crushed, weather of life changes every form , be it rock or a human!

  • Shrouded cover of dust now covers the beautiful earth, wonder when we respire in the fresh air of verdure.

  • Love for some is just a word or a foolish emotion, deeper they have never traveled to know that beneath there lies a whole world!

  • When the mind visits the whole universe in a second of thoughts ,it takes a lifetime to go around it with our body.

  • The time between doing something and waiting for something to happen is like endless.

  • Life is full of crest and troughs.Every new crest is higher than the previous and every trough more deeper !

  • Love the day as it comes with the bright shining sun,even in dark you have the moon sparkling high with shining stars!

  • Love the clouds for the rains they bring, wiping the old settled dust,rinsing away the sins.

  • With music of the soul swings the rhythm of life , every sway a new sunrise!

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