Once again thanks to the awesome bloggers who have nominated me with yet another award!


what a title!


How about seeds of light
which sowed could spread
thousand luminances like moon
in the darkness of this world
spreading a word like a boon!
prying ,prowling ever danger,
sins,crimes a usual scene,
wish these seeds could
evolve a newer life pristine!

Amidst the seasonal shower of awards ,let me thank VishalWendell who nominated me with the same “Seed of Light ” award!

Thanks to Tazein for nominating me for different awards!

I would like to include in this sowing of fruitful wisdom and divine light ,few more wonderful seeds…

Welcome them and enjoy a great harvest ,a golden one for the world!

Mary http://godisiam.net/


 Rachna http://writingisthesupremesolace.wordpress.com/

Sheri http://theothersideofugly.com/


Sofia http://sofiasiberia.com/

Nirmal http://lettersofdesire.wordpress.com/

Purplerays http://purplerays.wordpress.com/

Best wishes for all of them!







40 thoughts on ““Seed of Light”

  1. You should collect all these awards and make a page just for them. Or do you have one in the other blog?

    1. Oh! Actually I display them on the side bar of my page/post,are they visible? still I feel I need to create a page now… there ‘s no space left now! 🙂

  2. Congratulations Soumyav, you are definitely worthy of this particular award. Your poem is beautiful and true. I do thank you for including me with your other choices of inspiring bloggers. I am honored! Again my sincere thanks, Penny 🙂 xx

    1. Welcome Penny! I have been lazing with the awards and hardly get time to link too,so was of course late in intimating ,sorry for that! your works speak volumes in terms of peace and compassion. A beautiful writer and a lovely human being,I entrust you deserve this perfectly.

      1. Thank you for your so very love thoughts and words Soumyav. I do admit to having a huge love of all people on the planet, so I do what I can to encourage others to love more too! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Soumyav! Those who sow so much love and wisdom as you do cannot fail to reap bountifully. You deserve much more; and, who knows what the Light is preparing?
    Thanks immensely for nominating Purplerays! I am very much obliged! Thanks and thanks and th……..

    1. Iam humbled by your words of wisdom too and thanks a lot for your wishes. Yes we are unaware of what the Light is preparing for us and hope it always gives me opportunity to be able and capable of spreading the light more and more.

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