Culpable is the evil
that held the body
in its grasp,
inconceivable became to loosen the traction
spellbound I remain !
With magical musings
 encircles a wand
hypnotizing my senses
with his beguiling charm…
I fail to figure beyond the drape
dip in enamor in fancies fake
Alas! I become a jade
losing  the fondness
as an illusive lake…
The evil vindicates
the love for him,
I turn around  and
shy away from the daze!

16 thoughts on “EVIL !

  1. Free will. 🙂 Or at least that’s what echoed in my mind when I read it. 🙂 Good one, Soumya.

    1. there are many takes to this Manu! For me ,I tried to present the character of evil,which lures a person to fall prey into its web and like an illusion, the fantasy gets wiped ,leaving only a hazy thought and confusion.

      1. That, i assume, is a fine thought. I might have been thinking about Mathew Arnold. Was reading his poems yesterday.

  2. ‘Tis very apt – a philosophy within its’ parameters – echoing humanity with weakness and in strength – of which both attributes reign over ourselves, ofcos at most times. Loved it – the whole verse. Keep shining !

    1. I feel great to see you liked the idea and the thought… sometimes this weakness of a person creates an evil within and engulfs the strength of self and tries to affect another.

  3. Wow Soumyav – this is incredibly powerful — felt a sense of being enraptured — and sinful surrender in reading …
    “I fail to figure beyond the drape
    dip in enamor in fancies fake
    Alas! I become a jade
    losing the fondness
    as an illusive lake…”

    Wonderful work dear friend ~ Enjoyed immensely~ RL

    1. Much thanks and love Robyn for being here and reading this. An illusion or a faked emotion can have so many repercussions and like a drape it lies hidden.. Iam glad you loved this .

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