Culpable is the evil
that held the body
in its grasp,
inconceivable became to loosen the traction
spellbound I remain !
With magical musings
 encircles a wand
hypnotizing my senses
with his beguiling charm…
I fail to figure beyond the drape
dip in enamor in fancies fake
Alas! I become a jade
losing  the fondness
as an illusive lake…
The evil vindicates
the love for him,
I turn around  and
shy away from the daze!
PHOTOCREDIT: en.wikipedia.org

“Seed of Light”

Once again thanks to the awesome bloggers who have nominated me with yet another award!


what a title!


How about seeds of light
which sowed could spread
thousand luminances like moon
in the darkness of this world
spreading a word like a boon!
prying ,prowling ever danger,
sins,crimes a usual scene,
wish these seeds could
evolve a newer life pristine!

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