I cried silently in melancholy

on banks of  a river

playing with the pebbles nearby

shedding the precious  tears…


Few of the sparkling beads

got trickled in the water

diffusing scent of passionate love

in the zephyr…


Like incense , redolent fragrance

vaporized in the air

seeing the luminous crescent

radiating in the flowing river…


Blushed I , the bride for a night

awaiting her effulgent lover

a glimpse of whom

surged my feelings upheaval!


Smiled the king of my life

when the waves stirred

beckoning my love with embrace

proclaims me as the night princess.


Here I come O! my love!

Cereus ,am I called,

For a night, I bloom ,

To be with you till the day dawns!


Behold ! for I dance for a night

swaying with my lover

the ardous scene would compel

you ,to drink the drops of nectar…


Of glossy shine ,petals divine

in zeal I bask,without fear,

tho’  I know

Iam Cereus ,the night blooming flower

who blossoms in  nightime,

as crown of Nox,

only once a year!