110 Creative Challenge Contest – CHEATING !

Written for the The whitescape  110CC-contest, http://wp.me/p2JgCk-le

110 CC contest theme is CHEATING   


Through the slit of the window pane

I gaze  at the rainbow shine

as a tiara of the sky

bedecking the azure divine…

Vanishes it like a magical trick

within a momentary  blink,

 I  focus my eyes again

between the panes

to envision the coloring.

The smiling sun promises to fetch

my dearest enchanter

back at my window pane

for my pleasure.

Days pass,months go,

I await the sparkling crown

staring at the sky above

there’s nothing for which I am proud…

Cheated the sun through the season

intensely , scorching my heart

Hoped I for its return

the rainbow I never saw again

for the raindrops lost the path….