There was this golden chrysanthemum

shone who like the rising sun,

amidst the vast spread verdure

playing with dewdrops of nature…


Stood it under the blaze

gazing at the fiery daze

even though  the tired lark

veiled behind the comforting shade!


Watching the traveler

pass by the fields

wondered it

what lies forth behind the hills!


Where doth the running stream flow


the soul of florets

seeing the gushing current go!


Dancing clouds went by

tweeting birds

broke the solitude

butterflies amused for a while

dusk brought everything

silent and anew.

Sings the gilded one

tousling her floral skirt


“The green field in which I was born

I live here until my breath last…

damp soil of my land

 holds me upright lest I fall

thence Iam here until I perish

for deeply rooted Iam

in blithe!”