Broken chord of the song
disturbs the harmony
synchronized were the 
until the tune fell off the beat!

Life plays a duet 
where we have to 
sing in accord
with the singer of the nature
who has the ultimate 
hand on the chord!
Plucks who the strings
ripples the water 
flutters the leaves
beats the heart silently
on the melodic musical! 

Being resigned and  submissive
leaves a blank tone 
in the birdsong...
melodious and philharmonic 
it becomes
when our voice joins 
in the eternal sinfonia!


32 thoughts on “SINFONIA !

  1. A cosmic symphony – the theme, the chords, the words, the emotions – all conjoin into heavenly music. We the musicians, play to the baton of The Conductor.

    I love the thought that drove this poem, Soumya dear – exquisite 🙂

    1. Nothing could have been more precise and specific than the comment you etch here. That completes the gist of the whole verse. Thank you Eric!

  2. Wonderful and beautiful expressions dear! How life becomes imbalanced until we joins our voice
    in the eternal symphony…I loved it.

    1. Thanks a lot Justin for being here! Now you are being modest! your write up too was good,there is always a difference between prose and poetry ,which distinguishes one from another,so there is no comparison. 🙂

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