It was the season of roses, the queen of flowers then in April.

Having put up at the local tourist rest house, which was situated amidst the dense forest of fir trees, I along with my parents stayed there for months.

Every evening I walked through the paths that had the brownish color peeping through the greens, which proved that was the usual trail used by the local people there.

It was known to go inside the woods through the slopes was equally confusing and dangerous as the path could lead anywhere and there were umpteen ways ahead as we go deeper inside.

One evening I and my brother who is younger to me went for such an adventurous trip without informing my parents. We started with a nearby path and went on, enjoying the melody of cuckoos and songs of other birds .While walking we loved the small shrubs beside the path dangling with tiny flowers and even collected some fir cones to be displayed ,when we came back.

Lost in the charm of the elegant trees and the fresh air, we soon realized it was almost sunset and we still were far away from the main road. We didn’t have the idea of where this path was leading us to, so we continued walking swiftly.

It became dark in a while and we were amidst the dense woods.

Those days mobile phones weren’t launched in India nor had we heard of any such thing that existed.

So there wasn’t any question of GPS or SMS or calling up anyone for guidance. Afraid of the abuses that we would be getting for going alone in such a new place and that too within the forest was really making us cry.

Still I had to remain calm and composed to give confidence to my brother and with intuition we kept on choosing the ways, to ultimately reach another end of the hillside on the main road.

Sense of direction helped us to know where we must be and we headed towards our destination.

Those times when there were no gadgets available human mind was used more properly and efficiently. Our IQ levels weren’t as bad as they are now today.

We reached back an hour late and it was almost 7pm, pitch dark then.

Without creating any panic we entered the premises normally so that no could guess the fearful yet interesting adventure we went through  and we managed to save our skin.


To be contd…


For those who missed :the first part-


  1. When I was less than 3 years old, I went to the bush to start my adventure, and bush, is a jungle to a underage kid. I ended up lost as expected, and cried. I guess it was easy for my parents to find me, but I did not have a clue how to go around because everywhere looked similar. Since then, I never stop to go for my adventures, and to tame the fear.

    I really love this place where you were going.

  2. Even I was lost in Ranikhet when I was three years old. Like small kids do, I went in search of my mom, who had gone to the hospital. A shopkeeper who knew my mom saw me and asked me to sit in his shop, otherwise mai toh kho hi gyi hoti un jungles mai. Everyone in my family were worried, the whole neighborhood started searching for me and finally my mom found me in that shop.
    Reading your memories, I am lost in that world once again. It’s great to think about the crazy things we did in our childhood.

    1. very true Mona! we really do some stupid things in our childhood really scaring everyone out.but here we weren’t that small. I was almost in my last year s of teens . These small incidents are such a part of our memories ,even after years we dnt forget them,even though they havent anything particular to be happy about or any possession to be proudly shown,we enjoy these moments.

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