Thy can ne’er know

what art thy heart speaks

in silence thou ne’er heard

my  flutterings…

With a fistful of

songs of love

I try to  touch 

thy soul

with words of passion

written in your amor.

I set ablaze the

extinguishing fire

you doth not see it though

perhaps someday you might see

the ignited wick’s glow!

sigh I o’er for your glance

yet you ne’er perceive

the missed beats of thy heart

when I kissed your cheeks!

Upon the dream decor

I sleep and wish

for a momentous begin

when thy heart becomes mine

echoes my name whilst wandering!


18 thoughts on “THY HEART !

  1. They never see it coz they dnt dare get inside the root of stuff and prefer to look at the surface. Touching and striking a chord with the soul exceed all boundaries. brilliant! Amazing! Words fail me Soumya:)

  2. One must be hard as rock not to feel the sweet caresses and deaf as dead not to hear the songs of love. But it is there and will always yearn, until the one it is meant for is ready and receptive. Unrequited for now, but never for eternity.

    1. You say it beautifully Eric with your words of wisdom and very truly state the reality. Unless the heart and person is receptive and ready,the efforts remain unnoticed. And any such thing is always momentary not for eternity

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