Through the gates of the cricket fence,

I walked thousand steps

More or less I dare not count and guess

for the living

I went ahead in the woods unknown ,

in search of some wood to be  burn instead of coal!


The orange glow filled the place

with  light of hope and faith

I walked and trotted so as

to reach near the burning fire-lake!


As I stretched my arms

to touch the ball of effulgence

it moved back and I moved forth

a play of childhood began


I forgot

I was there on an errand…



Smiled he , when I got tired

as I sat under the tree’s shade

slowly it too faded behind

the thousand trees

“which I needed for the fire

Of the evening meal!”



19 thoughts on “THE FENCE

  1. Gorgeous image, Soumyav. The narrative reminds me of then times when the sun and its orange face in harmattan. You have a way of creating beauty with words.

    1. Thanks a lot Uzo for connecting with the feel of the poem. I could feel the strong gush in your words when you talked about harmattan here!

  2. Wow! I travelled to that distant place looking through your eyes! You’ve expressed it beautifully Soumya ji! Very natural yet enchanting- That constant fight to hold on to the ever-floating moments of life!

    1. True Trisha ,the real facts of life hold onto us till the last even if try to run away or skip the moments for sometime,the harsh reality stops us at every step!

    1. Yes Udo,even after every spiritual awakening or realization,life has its own way of moving and we have to hear its needs or get into it to remain connected !

  3. brilliant imagery, Soumya. I was captivated till the end and I wanted it to be longer. 🙂

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