Through the gates of the cricket fence,

I walked thousand steps

More or less I dare not count and guess

for the living

I went ahead in the woods unknown ,

in search of some wood to be  burn instead of coal!


The orange glow filled the place

with  light of hope and faith

I walked and trotted so as

to reach near the burning fire-lake!


As I stretched my arms

to touch the ball of effulgence

it moved back and I moved forth

a play of childhood began


I forgot

I was there on an errand…



Smiled he , when I got tired

as I sat under the tree’s shade

slowly it too faded behind

the thousand trees

“which I needed for the fire

Of the evening meal!”




Thy can ne’er know

what art thy heart speaks

in silence thou ne’er heard

my  flutterings…

With a fistful of

songs of love

I try to  touch 

thy soul

with words of passion

written in your amor.

I set ablaze the

extinguishing fire

you doth not see it though

perhaps someday you might see

the ignited wick’s glow!

sigh I o’er for your glance

yet you ne’er perceive

the missed beats of thy heart

when I kissed your cheeks!

Upon the dream decor

I sleep and wish

for a momentous begin

when thy heart becomes mine

echoes my name whilst wandering!