PHOTOCREDIT: amatterofhowyouseeit.com
Chimes of the wind sing
song of a nearby brook
melody echoes of the cuckoo shy
hiding in the mango bush.
Bees and butterflies swirl and dance
encircling the blossoms in romance
playful air carries the heart
miles away through different paths…
Morning glory plays the music
of the golden dawn
unfurling petals whisper and toss
humming  on the beats of morn.
Caressing leaves ,the branches dangling
the soft breeze whispers in the ears
“Carrying forth the rhythm of nature
in my embraced arms
Here I come and stay for a while
to flow now to distant horizon…”
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30 thoughts on “CHIMES OF THE WIND

  1. Love the flower pics and it’s how we would love our life to be..perfect. It’s a perfect and flawless poem that beautifully depict nature, life and how we would love a day of perfection to be:)

  2. My sweet, lady. I have been so busy lately that I can’t get to all my favorite bloggers (like you). And, when I get to sit for just a little while and read your words…ahhhh! feels like returning to a place of serenity. Thank you for the inspirations and moments of truth. Even when I don’t comment I do read your words. Much love and light!

  3. Dear Soumya! while reading this poem I visualized and enjoyed the beauty of nature sitting in four walls. You always create the magic with words. Beautiful!

    • Thanks a lot Rachna! Iam humbled that my words which got created within the four walls themselves could create such a effect ! We embrace the thought of nature within us and so love every word written for it

  4. These were really some posts worth sharing, Soumya. Glad you made me read those :)
    Your poems have really gone to a whole new level now. Keep up the work! Kudos!

  5. After i read your beautiful poems, it really touches my heart how the nature beauty can relax our mind and to be peaceful in life. I like yours!

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