The legend of Amrapali is a vast subject of Indian history which covers the biographies  of many kings and the danseuse Amrapali,who turned onto the spiritual path after seeing several miseries of life involving power,riches and love.This is just an excerpt from her life.

In the historical city of Vaishali , lived a demure maiden Amrapallli,

renowned for her entrancing charms, her dance wooed  thousands of hearts warm,

of lands far away from territory ,enemies too knew and adored her enamoring ,

a royal court dancer of the state,she enjoyed the attention and luxury unrestrained.


Once a war waged with a neighborly realm, a foe disguised entered the gates of her chamber,

she rescued and cared him,

King Bimbisara, the mighty king of Magadha ,she came to know  was the being,

turning aside instantly she asked  him to stop the waging war….

Promised  her he held the flag of peace for the enemy in chance,

people outraged in vengeance for a king who fell for her charms…

Ajatashatru,the haughty son of Bimbisara invaded the kingdom been glorious  so far,

turning to ashes the city of dreams,

no life was spared to live and was killed,

Hurt and heart broken Amrapalli ,found herself in tears of agony,

took refuge in the spiritual path of destiny…

one day a holy monk came at her door,

she invited him inside her home…

to serve him with  respect and devotion…

Talked everyone about the forbidden  law of prohibition,

how did Buddha the great ,went inside the courtesan’s house?

His magnanimity showered, her eyes opened ,

surrendered herself to the cultism,

in feet of the enlightened soul…

Sacrificing riches,fame and comfort,

beauteous wonder of the creation,

walked  on the divine path

seeking peace and solace in god’s words and charm.



40 thoughts on “AMRAPALI

  1. I remember reading about Amrapali when I was a child. Your poem reminded me of the topic again and I am downloading a chitrkatha for a glance-through-reading… just to experience the childhood again. Nice one, Soumya. And, history is my favorite subject, second only to Literature. 😛

    1. Thanks Manu! Indeed I too had read it during my childhood and sadly we didn’t have any of that part in history text books. But it remained an interesting topic ,nor was I ablet o watch the movie ,but I feel the chitrakatha and movie all have one facade of the whole legend of hers. There are many other sides of the story and the thing fascinates me more is the transformation of a soul who has everything in life , beauty,brain,riches,power to influence decisions, turns onto the spiritual path for the real happiness.

  2. Although different, my own native american roots speak of much the same maidens…… and grace, reminders of both our future and our past, and the soul which moves between all. I love this, Soumyav. ~ Ever, Bobbie

      1. yes I remembered the movie Amrapali, the old movie with Ashokkumar and Meenakumari, and immediately it raised my hair

        thank you dear

  3. I never knew Amrapali’s story in detail. We too did not have any of this part in our history text books. 😦 Nooo… wait… May be we had and I didn’t pay enough attention back then. 😛

    Anyways Thanks for sharing it with us. Time to read more about the legend of Amrapali.

    1. Thanks Allwin for sparing time for this. No we didn’t had it in school ,I think the history books of college might be having the chapter,I remember it reading in comics ,but the character was very strong to contained within the Amarchitrakatha frame..Only after I wrote this,I saw the movie..Yet there are many versions to the real history

  4. Thank you for credit and publishing my one of painting picture(Amrapali). I am very happy for your kind attention and next time please inform me .
    Artist Nandika Dutt(Namrata).

    1. Thanks Nandika for your visit!.With full respect, I have given due credit to your name alongwith the painting. It is an awesome one and Iam sorry If I have hurt any of your sentiments.

  5. You have gracefully written her. The perfumed light. The aura of beauty. The wisdom surrendered.
    Your narrative tale…transports me. To the art and life of courtesans. Lovely one, Soumya.

    1. Iam touched to hear from you Pawan that you felt the intensity of the words and they carried the fragrance of the history thus to transport you there. Thanks a lot and yes its always great to see you here after a long time

    2. Iam touched to hear from you Pawan that you felt the intensity of the words and they carried the fragrance of the history thus to transport you there. Thanks a lot and yes its always great to see you here after a long time

        1. Ya I liked them too! some were really exquisite…I wonder how was our real culture that could fill anyone with awe and we hardly treasured it.

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