Roaring ferociously  the king of forest in the silent night, when the world sleeps and rests,

leaves tremble,shivers the wind,peace shook by the terror of the burning blink.

Noiseless steps moves forth and leaps, clasping the mind infinitely free

mesmerized the little lamb weak, by hypnotism cunningly.

Darkness prevails through the woods ,flora and fauna slumbers like mute,

Walking amidst the sleeping woods, the poor lamb hexed in misfortune.

A prey tonight, celebrates the king,the mighty ruler of power,

His eyes shine with arrogance and haughtiness, as if  won an important battle,

 Terrifying the weak again succeeds , the persisting rule of destiny,

Unless the modest stands with courage, fights the witching look with brazenness,

History shall repeat itself ,the meek will always  follow the swayer to the den…

What do you think! Does power rule our mind and destiny?