Thoughts have power , choose the correct ones!

Diary of a mind

Seen a bird flying ! How majestic it looks! The wings spread gracefully  in the air with the  head held high  and the movement elegant than we can imagine.


IMG_4268 Flying Swan

Aren’t our thoughts similar and exhibit the same pattern of flying if pursued and dwelt into!

Every thought that originates in our mind has its own life and intensity. Depending on the nature of the  thought either it finds its place in the outer world or dies on its own without getting noticed. Some of these are really exquisite,whereas some have selfish desires draped around.

The ones which are nobler if  focused give wonderful and positive results. One has to really ponder hard to execute them in a proper way for perfect results.

Every flight of a thought goes up in the air to seek and touch the highest point but rarely does a thought touches the infinite peak,when…

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Glowing balls in the sky 
sparkling with dazzled fire,
 Wishes mine are the embers
 Burning with bright desire...

Lost and lonely i was
 untill i heard your decision
 Molten thoughts flowed away
 While on way to your carnival...

You lived amidst the valley of flowers
 Where heaven was shy of
 The beauteous creation...

I stepped in your paradise
 echoed the words then in my ears,
 Of the song that we had hummed together...
 "There will a moment of bliss
 When you and my soul  shall meet...
 Inspite of lips being stitched
 Love will be in our eyes for each other..."


In voice against the shocking incidents happening
around the globe disturbing peace and humanity.

A hail for peace!
With tribute to the recent Boston incident!

Caged within the bars of peculiar whimsies, suffocated with intoxicating demeanor, strangled is the humanity dried and withered of its blossoms...   For loss of lives, countless,endless in far east or western stretches, responsible , the merchants of blood who spifflicate the atmosphere wrecking the idols of nature...     Every eye watches  and weeps, an injury or scar that is hurting deep , whether explosions in the land of oil, or another on the streets that shine...   Chaos, sadness,angst nurtures, what hath we done O! My brothers, Did thou not send you to live and love for we are the children of one How doth you forget and ruin, the statuette of humanity on earth!      

” A FLAMENCO”- MY 600th !

 A glass of sherry wouldn't scathe,
guessed she holding the glass in her palm,
on the lanes dark , dim lights sparked,
her scarlet skirt danced with the storm,
golden tresses swayed and hooked
every roving eye sneaked through
 the corner of their iris blue...
Gracefully she swung in rhythm on the Phyrgian mode
like a bird of elegance she flutters
Such a Flamenco on the street was neither seen nor heard,
she twirls and taps to the beats of the winds gorgeous,
she claps and waves with a spright so clean,demure
in love with the mountains
In romance with her self,
ecstatic entrancing
the true Roman becomes sensuous!




flipping I flew
kissing your cheeks
With my soft wings
I fluttered  and encircled you
shrouding from
the scorched ray
of  sorrow...

wings of desire
A  butterfly I transformed into
from a caterpillar...
magical  touch
 yours was 
the gift of love
I welcomed
from the darkness
I  sprung ...
watching you philander
 I being coquette
for your pleasure!

Written for Edward's blog: Romantic Monday

Everything Before Romantic Monday.




Lying beneath  the blossomed cherry tree,
Dreams  boundless  shine in my vision
Random dancing of the bees and butterflies
Frequent  falling of the leaves and petals …
Above  the clouds flying free
Amidst   flutter the  winged  elysian,
Imprinted  images  of the  beautiful art
Canvassed in eyes with vibrant colours….
Soft flowing puff of air
caressed the skin,
Touching the elegant imaginings 
Carried the heart 
 far with the winds…
Over the lands and valleys, it flew          
Stroking the sky moistened
Poignant got the heaven above
Showered the realm with  a drizzle!


Submerged in the sea of sadness
  eyes flood with 
    millions of droplets
      tale of grief resurface
         heart resonate memories
            transmitting lancinating pain....

  assimilating with the  ocean dark
    incessantly flows the stream unarmed
       waves  of yesteryear's thoughts
          reminds her of the son she lost....

A tribute to a distant relative .She had lost her teenage 
son many years back.
 A humble and cheerful woman ,her sadness always 
could be seen in her eyes.


You returned back with silent steps
 I sensed the difference in the air
  which abruptly breezed 
   through my heart ...

disseminating your love
 yet again in my arms
  embracing the thoughts
   I breathe the air of your love
    fervidly to feel the fire...

without a word for me
  you quietly peep and disturb
   the rhythm of my thoughts
     playing the song of your love....

Written as per the :
Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing With Space.


Through the transparent glass I view

A glimpse of virtual life,

disguising as an enrapturing astral

Transcending from the sky…


The Milky way lights the darkened path

For the star  to travel down

that descends  with million sparkles

From the magnificent heaven….


A predestined womb awaits the ephemeris

The soulful life to be absorbed

Into an existence

For miracles to flow …


Emanating from the origin of universe

The divine soul radiates

 manifests  the  Absolute

Embodying as the child

of a  graced woman

who is  blessed

by the Supreme Creator  himself!




Live every moment of life fully!

Diary of a mind

When the weather seems harsh and the conditions deteriorating,visibility diminishes and the sight weakens,

it is good to stop for a while ,rest and pause before resuming the journey!

Life has  different seasons just as various colors of the rainbow,where each one symbolizes different wavelength and character,so does Life which has tides as crests and falls,only to recede back within the sea again.

The waves from the sea flow in a motion uniform and beautiful to touch the shore ,not to stay there or enhance the beauty of the sands,but to return back with the same beauty as soul which amalgamates in the universe when the life is over.

Like every aspect of nature,life blossoms and then withers at the end.

We need to value every second of this precious existence , living fully every breath of life.

For time wasted in grief,lamentation,jealousy and repentance shall never come back.


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