My deepest gratitude to Nirvani of for considering me worth for this gem of an award!


This award is granted to poets who show a profound understanding of spirituality in their writings.

I would like to gift this special award to the poet who has  a divine gift in his words and whose thoughts shine with spirituality! Wendell

What  is spirituality? For me:


“A bud fragrant

discovering to bloom

unfurling petals

whilst dangling high up on a branch

or in shrubs crowded prickled with thorns

in waters calm or stagnant

it sways with  elegance

untouched by the filthy grunge.

Embracing the light that dawns upon

loving the breeze which touches the petalous form

soaking in rains ,submersing ,

the bud transforms into a precious flower!

42 thoughts on “MYSTICAL ALLURE AWARD !

        1. Iam really happy to get such a compliment from you! The reader always notices teh change in form or depth if any in the writer’s and if he/she is a one who knows the value of such evolving its always heartily welcomed.

  1. Congratualtions Soumyav, the award aptly reflects the genuine, sharing, caring, and selfless sister that I have been blessed to come to know well! And then to receive it from Nirmal Bajwa whose talented gifts reflect the same always is truly a most wonderful blessing. You are so deserving, and I am greatly humbled by your generosity in blessing your brother with such a honor, indeed we both share in the life that flows deeply from that great living vine. May we never be cut away, but only may we bring more to recognize the blessings of being in the embrace of the Living God. Thanks for the blessing and may God always hold you up, allowing your pristine radiance to always shine brightly!

    1. Thanks for your humble and gentle wishes Wendell! I agree with you this shine and radiance of divine which holds us together in this world shouldn’t fade away . It is a blessing to read your words too in the grace of God! Just wanted to correct , the award was from NIrvani (the cosmic poet) and Nirmal just went ahead to add appreciation to my work for which I was thanking him.

    1. I totally agree !!!. It was such a pleasure to find you Soumyav!. I wish you visit my blog one of this days too… See you soon! Aquileana 😉

  2. Congratulations, Soumyav. You are so very deserving……..and in the words you share, you reveal the beauty of spirit…….. Such is an extension of your love, His love. ~ Beautiful you. ~ Bobbie

    1. Thanks a lot Allwin..In fact I do get tired of posting these when it comes to attach the links,survey whom to nominate and then the rules…but this was one was unique and I liked the the caption of it.

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