Written for Trifecta writing challenge http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/2013/04/trifecta-week-seventy-four.html

A story of every soul who took his time to realize the true self within!

For word ECSTASY (noun) : : trance; especially : a mystic or prophetic trance…


As a child you had learnt, ne’er believe on what you hear,
Trust the eyes what they see,envision the reality,
you grew up with the beliefs so firm
were they false or you insecure—
You questioned every word you learnt,
never convinced as you were stubborn—

Hard-work,wine,efforts are mine,
Why on earth then God should be given time?
Who is he that I need to knoweth,
Neither I cared nor I bothered to the namesake—


Years later ,life changed,
stumbled I , limped  as I stood awake,
I was alone,to my surprise,
everyone thanked God
for the extended time…
Awestruck I inquired ,
heard the lines,
I had been dead since ages,

Now my soul is back
I am fine, I am alive…

Tears flooded my eyes and heart,
I looked up in the sky
filled with ecstasy
and shock,
forgetting the self I got lost
in the grace of the Supreme Lord!


  1. Insightful, Soumyav. Some people come to the realization of this truth (in your writing) very late. I pray to embrace this truth today and always.

    1. Yes Uzo thats true ,people take ages to realize this only after going through several downfalls…You are lucky and blessed to have embraced it early!

  2. It’s so true and we’ve lost the child within. As adults, we are scared to criticise coz of society’s imposed rules and judgement. It’s sad.

  3. Salute, meri dost – for this fantastical treat ! Yes, I am one of those people when got tired of being on the heights, I re-married my soul – an exquisite pulsation — just like your poem, I dare-say ! Your ink is made of larger scope mingled with silky-soulful ink.
    Both the articulation and expression waltz ! Proud of you.

    1. It is a treat to read your comments dear and surely a waltz for me when I go through the perfect and beautiful rhythm of them. Iam touched to hear about your experience and also for you shared with me .

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