WRITTEN FOR Edward's Under A Romantic Monday.

Tinkles the anklet shimmering silver,
calls out your name..
out of shiver...
the gorgeous ghaghra swirls 
swaying my thoughts...
do they reach you...
as I tiptoe and dance...?
 bangles ,the beauteous  wonder,
clinks ...
longing to  
get touched 
by the lover...
speaks the heart loudly
with thundering beats...
where hath my soul
has anyone seen him near?

He went deep into the forest,
Searching for some wood to burn,
I look for him everywhere
I pine and I yearn!

O! my Love!
ignites the fire...
waiting to enkindle your spirit,
echoes the soul , 
beckons your beloved...
with embrace of her warmth... 

* GHAGHRA: Indian traditional skirt,long ,embroidered and pleated!
* ANKLETS: jewellery of silver or gold worn in ankles.

27 thoughts on “BECKON!

  1. ‘Tis you – in that painting! Haan-ji, bilkul ! And, Soumy, this poem perfumes a scent that is nostalgic – of the gorgeous days of yester-years – something that lurks, tugs and stays in the heart, for a long time. I relished the simplicity in the grandiosity of the actual emotion – penned very much like Tagore, but, of course, with your signature style ! Bahut khoob – daad kabul kijijay shaairaana !

    1. :-):-) YOu flatter me and make me blush Shaheen! Iam really touched you liked the lines and the expressions…waise tagore se compare karna …will be a nobel prize for me! shukriya aapka!

  2. thanks for sharing this beautiful verse. inspired me to write something after a long time 🙂

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