Thoughts have power , choose the correct ones!

Diary of a mind

Seen a bird flying ! How majestic it looks! The wings spread gracefully  in the air with the  head held high  and the movement elegant than we can imagine.

IMG_4268 Flying Swan

Aren’t our thoughts similar and exhibit the same pattern of flying if pursued and dwelt into!

Every thought that originates in our mind has its own life and intensity. Depending on the nature of the  thought either it finds its place in the outer world or dies on its own without getting noticed. Some of these are really exquisite,whereas some have selfish desires draped around.

The ones which are nobler if  focused give wonderful and positive results. One has to really ponder hard to execute them in a proper way for perfect results.

Every flight of a thought goes up in the air to seek and touch the highest point but rarely does a thought touches the infinite peak,when…

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4 thoughts on “OUR THOUGHTS !

  1. Yah, it is majestic, it’s graceful like the whole world is at the command of the Bird. I think of Rabindranath Tagore who wrote his famous lines “……where the head is held high”.

  2. Excellent. Very True.
    Our words, Our dreams, and Our thoughts have power to create conditions in Our life. What we speak about, we can bring about. We should turn Our thoughts and conversations around to be more positive and power packed with faith, hope, love and action.
    Watch our Thoughts, they become words.
    Watch our words, they become actions
    Watch our actions, they become habits.
    Watch our Habits, they become character.
    Watch our Character, for it becomes our Destiny.

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