Submerged in the sea of sadness
  eyes flood with 
    millions of droplets
      tale of grief resurface
         heart resonate memories
            transmitting lancinating pain....

  assimilating with the  ocean dark
    incessantly flows the stream unarmed
       waves  of yesteryear's thoughts
          reminds her of the son she lost....

A tribute to a distant relative .She had lost her teenage 
son many years back.
 A humble and cheerful woman ,her sadness always 
could be seen in her eyes.

44 thoughts on “SEA OF SADNESS !

    1. Iam obliged Sir by your presence here. The incident is very old,might be -20 yrs ago..BUt I can still sense the sadness whenevr I see her smiling.

  1. Soumya I can understand the pain of mother as i lost my beloved sister in 2002. Many years have passed but still i can sense the pain and sadness of my parents. This pain could never lessen…the more one reveals more will be the outburst of pain. one tries to suppress the sad feelings but deep inside this pain kills everyday.

    1. Thts very very true Rachna. I have felt these that even after years this pain can never get erased ,it just gets subsided or sidelined..Iam really sorry to hear about your sister Rachna! And its really sad when another sibling also feels the pain of the loss and yet is not able to express it as the sadness of the parents is much more.

  2. Oh this is sad. I feel for your relative and pray that she’ll be comforted. You’ve a good heart and I like that you’ve dedicated this post in memory of her late child.

    1. Iam touched Uzo that you felt this. It was a sudden thought after I had a talk with ther…even though the incident took place years ago, I can still sense the void within.

  3. The worst part being that nothing, simply nothing in this world can provide solace to a mother who has lost her child. She would have to live her whole life struggling each and every day with his absence; just his memories lying by her side, but only to exacerbate her pain.

  4. The feeling of loss is something that can never be truly gone. Nice words, Soumya and so nice of you to do so.

  5. Very Touching. It is an irrecoverable loss.
    One can say after all ‘Life is like a Water Bubble.’
    Mother’s grief cannot be replaced.

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