You returned back with silent steps
 I sensed the difference in the air
  which abruptly breezed 
   through my heart ...

disseminating your love
 yet again in my arms
  embracing the thoughts
   I breathe the air of your love
    fervidly to feel the fire...

without a word for me
  you quietly peep and disturb
   the rhythm of my thoughts
     playing the song of your love....

Written as per the :
Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing With Space.

23 thoughts on “SILENTLY!

  1. I don’t know how to put it in order Soumya ji! But that is exactly what I feel right now!! Seems as if you read my mind!!! 😉 I loved it! Big hug!!!

  2. Some day, when am loved/lovable enough, I might end up appreciating what you have written. But as of now, this all seems to be a figment of imagination.

    I hope I wrong.

    1. This feeling is surely an imagination for the ones who are yet to realize or experience the depth and the intensity of it. It depends on circumstances in life which let you get the feel of it.

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