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She was the darling of his eyes,

he loved her like a bemused lover

years they lived together

never went away

from each other…


fairy tale their life seemed,

happiness in full measure,

every man passing by

would get envy of such beautiful composure…


Jealous eyes reached them once

casting spell on their treasure,

one fateful night,

he went alone

never again he returned from his leisure…

Years later …

the story was written…



an accident had  occured…

the lover got killed on the spot,

the girl was unaware of the trouble,

that very night a storm washed

the lanes of the small village,

the young girl got drenched

and got carried away for miles …

with the flooded waters…




Today a colourful butterfly

rests in peace

and dwells in his dried eyes…forever

27 thoughts on “PICTURE IT & WRITE: FAIRY TALE !

    1. Thank you dear.sometimes such endings leave open ended conclusions.. we remain happy with whatever we want to assume ! As if not stating the climax ,gives reader the freedom to have one of his own!

  1. A tight read, Soumyav. I feel for this couple–such a sad fate did they suffer. I love how you ended the piece with the butterfly being the interesting puzzle. I like what comes to my mind.

  2. what a fairy tale this is… romantic and bittersweet.. a little sad but a little glad that they still had their “ever after” 🙂

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