An old verse on divinity which many had missed! feel the light!


Constellation of stars make the presence conspicous,

when consonance of thoughts and actions disembark darkness,

when the languish soul too gets invigorated,

In the propinquity of  divine nectar…

Rejoicing the relegation of the fearfulness,

resolution of spreading

 the resonance of heavenly rhythm,

Subrogating the idol of the Lord in our heart,

Substitutes the negative trapeze with faith…

Devotion of self in the feet of the Lord,

Surrendering as monomorphic :

crystallizing thoughts and consiousness,

In a divine crystalline form….

enables a godly coloration on the transparent soul ,

Reawakening  it with invigoration…

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Endless hours of fatigued veins

stretched ceaselessly in every direction in vain

rigorous outflow of thoughts

What else do they culminate into?


Strenuously the arteries pump

the life in form of blood

to every end of the anatomic pain

the invisible ache still

lies unheeded and strained?


What can be the soothing balm

to the tendons and the arms

of the innumerable thoughts and feels

magnifying every moment

in achieving worldly dream?


Neither pennies nor fame can heal,

the silent crumbling bones apart

 Only genuine touch of love and warmth

innocent emotions

outpourings of the heart

compassionate nature

selfless care

Is all what can

heal the languished 

ached part!




WRITTEN FOR ERMILIA’s BLOG-PICTURE IT AND WRITE! This is an old poem but I felt  it befitted the picture prompt !










Laps of oscillatory movements,

with moments as fulcrum of  thoughts,

the ropes of bonds and love,

seated on the emotions crushed…


Here sways the swing of life with rhythm…


Darkness prevails engulfing the light,

visibility diminishes , weakening the mind,

a lantern of hope burns and illumines,

the path untrodden …untraversed in life…


In such a way sways the swing of life in rhythm…


Pivot of the spirit , we decide,

accordingly the living takes the ride,

Dangling with the  strings of  our deeds,

Swinging against the wind is a newness we find!


Thus ! sways the swing of life!


Swaying beautifully ,flowing is  the swing of life!

In rhythm it moves and sweeps!

gently touching the air divine,

 infinitesimally making  our presence shine!






Intoxicated air filled the mind

with thoughts amorous

Mystifying eyes had mesmerized

the heart conscious.


Her presence magical

charmed the Spartan

Love is the felon

that infects everyone!



10,000 comments and bunch of awards!

An overwhelming  figure of 10,000 comments crossed on my blog and Iam showered with a bunch of awards! Thank you All!


Thanks Ruby for nominating me for this awesome recognition! She is a sweet person who has very much clarity in her thoughts and expresses the beautiful facts of life in a simple yet elegant manner.

The “Best Moment Award” actually goes to people who

Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.

When you receive this award, it is customary to “make a short speech.”

I feel obliged and honored to receive this and each award that I have ever got nominated for! All these show the unlimited love and appreciation that my friends here have for me! In form of awards they have expressed it! I humbly thank each one of you who have found me worth to be a part of their blogging life! Their presence on my blog in form of comments or likes have always encouraged me and motivated me to write more. The unlimited challenges that I see inspire me and the wonderful blogs I read are always a wonderful experience to share.


Thanks to Ajayji who nominated me for this wonderful award! He is a very kind person with a fighter spirit.A silent one in nature yet his posts of different genre of photographs show his esteem taste and choice.His love for nature gets displayed by his exclusive random picks from the internet .

For the rules I have to complete… A great reader is…

A great reader is the one who can comprehend the thoughts expressed in a write up efficiently,who can realize the depth of the emotions involved in it, who knows the importance of every single word written,who admires the writer for having tried to lay down his ideas and feelings in front of everyone without any inhibitions,who acknowledges the effort of words depicted and leaves a humble mark or remark  as a sign of his presence there!


Thanks to Terry and Gys for nominating me for this shining shine award!

Gys a beautiful woman with a warm heart who writes in French as well as posts its translation in English. You will love the combination of the photographs she posts that have wonderful special effects.

I met Terry few days back in this blogging world. A brilliant writer and an interesting person ,she presented me with this wonderful piece of love. Few questions from her side!

1) What’s your most remarkable memory from your childhood?

I remember almost every bit of my childhood and cherish the days more when I was a kid .Without Tv ,internet,computer,video games and any other gadgets…I loved to spend the time amongst friends playing outside or with my pet kitten. I never knew until I grew up  what is being bored?

2) Have you ever tried any extreme sports?

No ,But I do like the adventure of getting involved in it!

3) Which recipe you would like to learn and cook?

The Lasagne

4) Which thing could ruin your day?

A hurting remark from my dear one!

5) Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?

I love both ! I love watching movies which have good music and simple touching story! I like reading books which are reflection of human nature and character,specially the philosophical or spiritual books!


This superb exciting piece of recognition is from Kz! She included me in the band of women pirates!Kz is a versatile writer ,an all in one person! Perfect in every write up and bubbly in nature!  Seems she would be taking me onto a wonderful adventurous journey along with other pirates! S We are going to be a band who will rob people of their sadness,loneliness,gloominess and perhaps inject them with a doze of happiness! I would love to be such pirate who can steal the lost peace of mind from you,who can snatch the dullness of your soul and refreshen you with splash of sprinkles of joy !

I would combine the awards here and nominate friends to come and pick their choices!

  1. Wendell
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  9. Sharmishtha
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All the best to everyone!

Shine On and Best Moment Awards – Thanks again!.

Two Awards.

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.


Beneath the peepal tree

sat a monk

Searching for the Ultimate truth

in the depths of  time for long!


Death he saw everywhere

bidding adieu a normal fare

“joy, sadness

riches, miseries

luxuries golden

or torn  destiny…

Nothing remains

in the end of the journey

empty handed

departs the  body ! “

Doubts and queries

confused his intellect

perplexing his soul

thoughts unanswered…


leaving behind

a palace of riches

a kingdom of wealth,

Sacrificing the desires

that we love,

setting  afoot when young

he went in search

for the Real One….


The path unknown took days

to traverse

nearer he came to the Absoluteness of nature,

yet remained away from

the drops of Grace…

continuing his persistent attempt…


The gracious moment soon arrived,

the truth got revealed by Divine

when reawakening

enlightened his soul and mind….

Preached the world

the path of love

Nirvana“, he  became,

the Enlightened one…












Days of  melancholic past

brushed aside

as I wiped the

 memory aghast

Like the written words

on a board

white or black

get erased

with the duster …

I  effaced

the old life

of my thoughts

with  tender touch

of my palm…

A new surface

appeared before


transparent more,

I tried to touch it with

my fingers

feeling the

gentleness of the nimble…

I grinned

at the refreshed  layer

a reflection

I saw very clear

Of my dreams

my aspirations alive…

I got

another chance

to live the life

the way

I like!

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Picture it & Write XVI | The Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic

Feel the happiness around in the present moment!

Diary of a mind

“Happiness is a  gem rarely found ,even when within, we go searching for it in the world around”

Sounds true,for rarely do we find anyone happy here.Does that mean we have lost the sense of being happy or have we  lost happiness forever?

Neither of it, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder such is happiness which lies in the soul of a contended soul. Being contented isn’t easy ans doesn’t mean to sit idle and be happy in whatever we have. It is the quality of having a peace of mind with the present ,the art of living ,appreciating the present moment and valuing its importance.


Various are the causes to remain sad and unhappy,from a small reason of not possessing some thing to the big ones of losing anyone,or money ,the pressure in a job,or the stress of handling problems.

Is it then that we don’t…

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Tiny fluttering wings I saw

flapping in the air

trying to learn the art of flying

from their sweet little mother,

I could see the urge in them,

to learn and swap their wings

in the open sky azure

to be one with the clouds

and soar over the greens…

The mother too was desperate

to teach the young ones

with her melodious chirping

she coaxed them

when they failed to learn…

A picture of patience


and beautiful

I discovered that moment

the impulse in the flying birds

and their little ones…

With interest and a yearning,

they carried their routine..

finally after  days of teaching

I saw them

flying high one morning!

Art of living


I learnt from these avians,

eager to touch the  skies

in the first attempt of fervor.




As the curls unfold, revealing thy nature,

a soft bosom is


 silently in

heart’s essence.

hard kernel visualized

and the hidden interior

soft smiles…

protruded like branches

piercing like thorn

the patience pays

when the hand touches the

rose after long!

Slowly and gently

picking and plucking

the prickles

it reaches the centre of attraction!

A solitaire takes years

to form,

forget not

it was

merely  a black coal

for long!