Fairy like she appeared

with beguiling charms she walked,

fair and a tinge of crimson

shaded on her cheeks

lovely cascade of silken treasures 

touching her shoulders

kissing the breeze serene…


In symphony with the gorgeous waves

she moved

melting like the wax burnt

she vanished in the dark….


Incandescent glow

an image of resplendence

when she talked


pearls rolled out…

luminescent and smooth .


Slowly  gliding over  earth

her feet like unseen feathers

through the dark ,

beside the glowing flowers

a sparkling diamond bedazzled on her finger

mesmerizing every onlooker,

with a thought

who is she,

A ghost or an angel who walks!

Dream Fairy
Dream Fairy (Photo credit: Alexandria LaNier)






Written after watching the recent bollywood movie”Talaash”. The character is a spirit and it leaves a permanent mark on our minds for  the way it feels and behaves.