With the zephyr danced the butterflies

coloured spectrum imaged in the blue

between the leaves green and air nude

they delicately fluttered their wings!


A twirl lovely, a whirl fascinating,

swirling and sitting on a daffodil shy,

love to dip in  the fragrance

of the roses and lilies

swaying by…


The sun smiled at their innocence

brightening  the aura

reflecting on the spectacular designs and patterns,

rejuvenating the midgets of nature,

to continue the play of eternal enamor…



37 thoughts on “MIDGET !

  1. Wowwwww Soumya what a piece..Am so sorry got a bit late to read it…..Love that metaphor…..fits into the nature so cutely….soothing lines, am sure every reader will experience your healing effect,,,,your works really snatch readers away into the lap of nature….like the plant that eats insects, ur words are like flowers that gulps down minds, have them locked up in the cells of Nature…

    Awesomeness redefined…

    1. Your comment is in itself a wonderful definition of a perfect verse. ! Iam so honoured that you could sense such an emotion here while reading my poems. Its touching to know that my imagery and thoughts have such a beautiful effect. Thanks

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