LUCKY (adjective)… The third meaning of lucky is to be used.

1: having good luck
2: happening by chance : fortuitous
3: producing or resulting in good by chance : favorable


As I hear few echoing sounds,

the striking  waves rebound,

in the waters , in the winds,

carrying the fragrance of the dreams…

 Flowing rivers carry the soul,

of the wishes that are just born …

moving from place to place,

dreams get distributed around…

 Many  choose the simpler ones,

some opt  for the  real tough ones,

but the lonesome struggler,

 always desires for

a vibrant colorful one…

Challenges numerous ,

difficulties ahead,

he colors his road,

brightly  in red…

Dreams of  passion ,

fantasy in thoughts,

striving in   real…

for the chosen path…


The traveler  dreams of something big,

aiming for the highest peak,

He who dares to walk alone,

with dab of patience and courage can go….

The path to the luciferous   dream isn’t  smooth,

curves and bends, cliffs and terrain will loom,

still the dynamic pedestrian walks,

for his decision is firm as a rock…

Overwhelmed too, the creator gets,

Seeing someone persevere in the best,

He too lends a helping hand,

to the walker in the  distressed land…

Changing the course of the flow,

the Supreme one wants  to show,

Faith and determination 

Can transform the negative forces 

into lucky energies favoring the soul!

Happy holi! Geeting immersed in colours of divine is bliss!

aasaman ke pankh

नीले अम्बर  में इन्द्रधनुष जैसा है समा, अबीर, गुलाल से झूमे धरती, रंगीन हुआ आसमान ! आज ब्रज में भी होगा जश्न यूँ रंग भरा सात रंगों में चमकेगा सूरज चाँद मुस्कुराए देख् कर यह जहाँ ! गोकुल कीगोपिया ना जाने कितने दिनो से राह् तके इस दिन का, जब हाथ में आए नंद्किशोर, फैले चहूँऔर केसरिया धुआँ ! रंग में रंग के सावरे के, सफल कर ले अपना जन्म यहाँ! ( KRISHNA_VRAJA_by_VISHNU108

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Electronic gadgets have reduced the power of our mind and we nowadays think accordingly to its wavelength!

Diary of a mind

With the advanced technologies now at our fingertips,we have diminished the use of the power of our thoughts and ideas! Earlier even to calculate a simple arithmetic sum or totaling the money to be paid to the local shopkeeper ,we used to efficiently exercise our brains to get the perfect answer in few seconds. While on a trip to the nearby hill station or a resort we just knew how much time will it take for us to reach there prior to our lunch or dinner and how efficiently our engine will work for the consumption of the fuel!

The sense of direction also was very alert without any gadgets to guide us which way we are heading for?

The height of our imaginative ideas depended on the thoughts that our mind used to generate and frame.To create a design or to write an article,to present something or gift a…

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