For the new moon I decked the nature

with the silent dewdrops

appearing like pearls

over the beautiful soft laden grass.

The silvery stars spoke

of the adorned love

twinkling with smiles and laughter

sparkled the whole universe….

Pleasant gentle breeze moved

swaying the daffodils

lilies loved the sweet fragrance

which reached them from the jasmines…

Miles and miles

the light spread…

traveling  along your path

  the new moon I met

gorgeously peeping

from behind the grey white clouds

of the sky….

Translucent drops

glittering on edges

of leaves fresh

and the dangling branches!

Basking in delight

relish the wondrous nature

which I created !

O ! human

for your pleasure….

 elucidating the world with light!



23 thoughts on “DEWDROPS OF THE NIGHT!

  1. Exquisite…………and yes, for our pleasure, with but a word…….’let there be light’…………. (and it was good)…….. I love this, Somyav. ~ Always, Bobbie

  2. Dear Soumi, just stopped by my blog for few minutes toa approve comments and could not help but swing by yours and leave my sentiments – of utter delight to read this heartfelt poem! You sure added a smile. (am still away from blogging). Lots of love and good cheers, my dear dost !

    1. Dear Shaheen! So sweet of you to visit here ! I do missyour posts and also your frequent visits,it is delighting to see you here. Thanks and love,hope you are fine and shall be back soon form your hiberantion

  3. Ah! I love the title and the words you put down. Here is my favorite: the new moon I met gorgeously peeping from behind the grey white sky.

  4. It was as if the aroma in air, the dew drops and the amount of light made me more clear and has if I was the one who was watching it.. Superb yaar… you made me fresh in my thoughts and my every senses felt the same 😉

  5. I had a day with nature and reading this poem afterwards was like watching an extended version of a film after having watched the theatrical version. 😀

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