Beneath the peepal tree

sat a monk

Searching for the Ultimate truth

in the depths of  time for long!


Death he saw everywhere

bidding adieu a normal fare

“joy, sadness

riches, miseries

luxuries golden

or torn  destiny…

Nothing remains

in the end of the journey

empty handed

departs the  body ! “

Doubts and queries

confused his intellect

perplexing his soul

thoughts unanswered…


leaving behind

a palace of riches

a kingdom of wealth,

Sacrificing the desires

that we love,

setting  afoot when young

he went in search

for the Real One….


The path unknown took days

to traverse

nearer he came to the Absoluteness of nature,

yet remained away from

the drops of Grace…

continuing his persistent attempt…


The gracious moment soon arrived,

the truth got revealed by Divine

when reawakening

enlightened his soul and mind….

Preached the world

the path of love

Nirvana“, he  became,

the Enlightened one…