Tiny fluttering wings I saw

flapping in the air

trying to learn the art of flying

from their sweet little mother,

I could see the urge in them,

to learn and swap their wings

in the open sky azure

to be one with the clouds

and soar over the greens…

The mother too was desperate

to teach the young ones

with her melodious chirping

she coaxed them

when they failed to learn…

A picture of patience


and beautiful

I discovered that moment

the impulse in the flying birds

and their little ones…

With interest and a yearning,

they carried their routine..

finally after  days of teaching

I saw them

flying high one morning!

Art of living


I learnt from these avians,

eager to touch the  skies

in the first attempt of fervor.



41 thoughts on “ART OF LIVING !

    1. Its a beautiful cycle of life Madhu,we get to learn from the tiniest thing in nature and so get inspired! Thank a lot dear for reading and liking this

  1. Learning is an endless process, what a beautiful way to put forth a expression

    the way you put it as beautiful

  2. I love this, Soumyav……..and what a wonderful image. I can spend hours in the yard watching the birds learning to fly……….or once getting so confused, they were chasing me thinking I was their mother! 🙂 ~ Love it. ~ Bobbie

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