Serene coolness of the night

embraces the soft heart for a while,

absorbing the upheaval tides,

calming the senses for sometime…


Somewhere within resonates the tranquil wish,

reverberating in the air outside still,

touching the vibrant nature,

it blossoms for a night,vanishing  before the dawn is seen.


The night is her companion

who nurtures with love

infusing fragrance in the wish,

crowning  the dream as the  queen,for an instant with splendor.


In the darkness she lives,

her life ,her hope shines,

like the twinkling star in the sky above,

which is seen only in  the night….




31 thoughts on “TWINKLE OF THE NIGHT!

  1. Her life and hopes shine throughout – but the harsh light of day overwhelms, distracts. The velvety nights teases her out, in whose tranquility she twinkles again – her so fragile life and hopes.

    1. sometimes a wish nurtures in the night and vanishes by dawn,when the load of responsibilities again come back to existence. A night is always a soothing one ,often calming the mind and the senses when you feel it deeply.

  2. I don’t know who are you referring to in this poem! But I feel as if this has been written for me! darkness of the night, dazzled by the diminishing light of the moon is my favorite 🙂

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