Its a virtue to be yourself. Go through the depth of being yourself in this post on my other blog!

Diary of a mind

Virtue of being yourself






Ever thought how it feels when you act as someone else or try to pose as a different person for a while in situations where you feel you would be noticed by doing such acts!

What is the reason for a person to imitate or copy another or behave in a different manner than his own?

The insecurity of losing one‘s identity, the complex of being inferior to another one often leads to such a disastrous behavior. The artificial disposition that shrouds the true inner self often gets sometimes so dominating that it indeed forgets that it is just an imposition for a while.

The real self is lost in the way of posing as another one. The shell outside becomes so artificial that it neither allows anyone to penetrate inside nor it gives a true reflection of self. In this…

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  1. Kicked, isolated, screamed upon, begged to change, spent on to change, sunk in tough times for years………Yet, I just can’t stop being myself……….

    Kya karu soumya……..U know I love reading u……..Thanxxxxxx4 dat share, Thank God u guys r der….

    1. Thank you Deba! Yes we are there! and we all know that our true self is the one which reflects on our face. Being something posing as superficially decked cannot change our inner truth. Changes which make us a better person are always welcome,but our exterior should be the true reflection of our core..thts being yourself.

  2. well, this post is a ray of hope …
    I was quite successful (at least I never failed) being myself .. but since past few days, I am trying to be like someone else and I am struggling to succeed. Its making me feel with every breath I inhale and exhale.
    Your post comes as a sign and motivation .. thanks 🙂

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