It hasn’t been long since the pathway on which she walked everyday used to converse with her.

The routine frequent visits of the people from the nearby neighborhood,the silent tremblings of the trees with branches brushing each other merrily and soothingly.The footsteps which left an imprint on the loosely scattered dust,the marks of some four-legged creatures that came wandering here during the  night in search of prey or to quench their thirst from the nearby stream.

The path narrated innumerable stories of such trodden ones who became a pat of the lost track sometime for a moment in this life.

As if  the path enjoyed the presence of everyone that had been on it once ever.

Its life revolved around the lives of the beings those came to its acquaintance anytime.

The strange bushes that looked wild and almost bended over the way to cover it half through its width were proud to be dominating the place of such varied interest.

The colorful violets,lilies,flowers of all fantasies peeped over and over to have a look at the most intriguing pathway.

She was the only on e who understood the language of the abstract .She could read the lines of thoughts that got drawn on the canvas of the existent path. The zig zag ones spoke loudly about every living being that had traced on to this and with fond or sour memories .

Few had cursed the one to lead them into dark entangling forest,some had blessed it for showing them the light after the prolonged darkness.

It all depended on how far one went on it and in search of what !

Seekers just went on without having a second thought,enjoying the journey and the feel of such a place that led them out of nowhere and took them away from the stress.

This pathway was an integral part of her life now.She started presuming it to be her guide,her mentor,which showed her the right path and opened new dimensions out of nowhere  every time when she got stuck. The faith of the belief that the way always navigated her through the difficult times was amazing and mystical.

She had glorified the pathway in her own way and it accomplished the crown of  its proclaimed glory!