Running away from the dreams,

intricate exquisite ,

for a handful of obstacles,

 that life offered in the midst of spring…


The onset had  bloomed the buds

colorful and earthy,

infusing spray of delight deep within,


few days of dry withered look,

spread the coldness

to the vibrant dreams

once cherished.

Turning the back

to the passion,

nurtured  so tenderly

the soul loses  its splendor

in the act of timidity…


The grace lies in living the dream again,


it shall then blossom

even on a snowy evening…





25 thoughts on “LIVE YOUR DREAMS !

  1. Nice… It’s always important to keep trying , no matter even if it fails.. even in any harsh condition.. A day will come when he /she shall be victorious in succeeding their dreams.

  2. I think it is an obligation of sorts. One of the posts on Sonja’s blog led me to this conclusion. What we truly believe to be great work is not a choice really. Whether I want to or not, I will have to do that. Its a must. It is as if you can not stop AR Rahman from making music. Tendulkar from playing cricket.

    Aur wo khwaab hi kya jo mumkin ho 🙂

    1. great perception Tatsat. true that we endure and enjoy the dreams which have been achieved by struggle and earning ..that which is easily available never holds that much pleasure.

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