Quiet ,silent moments,

staring at the moon I suppress,

infinite emotions perturbed,

those got buried

within the deep bosom…

for the breeze flowed

and brushed

the feelings that I nurture

that are never realized at par.


When the night gracefully moves

the waves within do suffer a deluge,

how long before  final moment to come,

how far I wander

with the bruised soul,

comforting the pain ,

soothing the wounds,

when shall the

air of false hope

finally burst!


Nox is the witness

for the solitude,

reigning the time

when thoughts are in multitude.

The dawn breaks

the darkened image.

A ray of hope again reflects,

for the change

that is unseen,

with many promises

yet to be fulfilled…







23 thoughts on “UNFULFILLED PROMISES !

  1. Excellent. Inspirational poem.
    Death takes place when lessons assigned for that lifetime have been learnt.
    A soul is given free-will to exercise this option of staying close to God during earth life time. This divine intervention helps to keep the script short and crisp. When the soul has experienced all the human dimensions and realized its own True Nature, the last chapter of Life Note Book is completed and the Life Note Book is finished

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