The arrow knoweth not,

where  to hit

when to dart ,

with what speed,

the string is the one which pulls it strong,

giving the force to dash across

oblivious of the focus along…

The aim creates illusion of multitude,

confusing the arrow and the bow

in longitude…

What shall then make the target hit,

a steady hand or a focused mind to read,

the right moment

or the accurate pull or the perfect resile?

Configuring the three in a stream,

converging the aim to a point of dream,

surrendering himself to the invisible hands,

the archer

forgets the  chaotic unrest

Reassured and guaranteed,

that the aim will be  hit,

in the perfect moment

to enjoy the bliss.



37 thoughts on “TARGET !

  1. All the factors so envisaged by you make them worth to target a goal when taken as a composite measure. Nice, Soumya. I have rated your poem as an excellent one.

  2. The mechanics of targeting… achieving something with hard work, considering all the forces at work. Great work, Soumya. So brilliantly told…

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