I dedicate this post to my husband who celebrates his 40th birthday today.A wish for him in words from my heart!

My husband Aniruddha with our kids!
My husband Aniruddha with our kids!


This night I sit and write ,


a new and bright life

to make you smile,

which will fill happiness

in your heart and make you sway…

on the music of  love,

soothing  your bruised small world,

bringing forth a golden shine…

to illuminate your way and dreams so bright…

 As you walk the journey forth ,

I stand beside …

your hands I hold,

imparting you feeling of  warmth ..

in times of cold and rough storm,

solacing you in my arms

for you’re the one

for whom I am  born…

to love your soul and your  life…

to be blessed

to be your wife.


60 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!

  1. A very touching piece of writing. My warmest wishes to Aniruddha bhai :)… May god’s blessings shower on him forever.

  2. Happy birthday to the ‘light of your life’, you have blessed him well with your gift dear sister , and may god bless you both abundantly for many more years of birthday celebrations, and anniversaries!!!!! Wonderful post!

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